This week has been insanely busy and therefore I have had hardly any time to write so this post is a bit delayed. We took a short trip back to England for my Graduation day and I whilst I would like to say I’d been looking forward to it, I really hadn’t. I was only really going for my parents, but that is okay and it was worth it to make them happy.

I finished my degree back in April so it felt odd to wait until now to have the actual graduation. I graduated from the University of Greenwich in London and spent the entirety of my degree studying on their Avery Hill campus (a bit run down) so it was nice to have the graduation ceremony in the Chapel on the Maritime Campus. The view from this campus is simply breath-taking and it has been used for many hit film and TV productions such as Thor: The Dark World, and The Crown.


I took a degree in Psychology and I feel it was not the right decision for me. School systems thrust you into more education and it can be easy to fall into a subject that really doesn’t fit you. I had a gap year before starting at university and I remember how my Sixth form teachers howled at me for it. ‘If you don’t do it now you’ll never go!!’  Turns out it was less of them caring for my life and more that the higher amount of pupils that went straight into university from that school, the more money they would be budgeted. So if you’re currently struggling and want a gap year I heavily suggest you go for it!

At the moment I do not feel that my degree was worth taking and I carried this feeling throughout the whole day at the ceremony and felt a bit blue about the whole thing. I had several reasons for this however, not just for the degree itself.  I was not the best student and although I passed with a 2:1 I hardly attended any lectures or seminars because of overwhelming social anxiety and it made me feel like a bit of a sham to be standing there with everyone else.  It is also very easy to feel this way about your education when residing abroad. Living in Norway you need to know at least the basics of Norwegian to be able to get a job and with my degree and wanting to work in the health sector, this means I definitely need to understand the people I want to help. My current skill set does not allow me to do this and so I’m currently searching for any job and not using my degree. I feel very guilty seeing my partner go out to work every day whilst I stay at home, but for now that is how it has to be. It would have been easier on both of use if he had moved to England in the short time but we both love Norway and I’m sure everything will fall into place in time. It can just get a bit frustrating at times. He was my rock at my graduation ceremony though and I’m very happy he managed to take the time off work to come with me, even if it made it a very short trip.

We finished the day by going to TGI:Fridays and ordering massive cocktails! Although they have a few in Norway I have never been to one over here and it was really nice to go there with my parents.

I’ve summed up a lot of things here very briefly and I will build on some of the stuff I have talked about here in later posts but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!




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